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The luck of meeting the right people at the right time.

Destiny. This is why we believe in our project. The Borgo delle Mele project was born from the desire to revive the Costabeorchia village, a small silent village in the Arzino Valley, and from the desire to create something unique that would bring people closer to high quality products.

In 2008 Matilde was born, and the first apple tree was planted with her.

Today, almost thirty kilometers between one orchard and another, necessary to create native varieties of apple orchards whose quality can be seen from the plant itself.

Thanks to these varieties certified by 20 years of university studies, the Borgo delle Mele company can select the apples to be used based on the aroma of the final product, a personal taste, a balance every time to be adjusted, because the raw material is every time slightly different in flavor and yield.

Our products Borgo delle Mele products are aimed at a public who is attentive and aware of what they consume, who prefers genuine and traditional things, which have a great propensity for the natural.

The secret lies in the use of genuine and top quality products, respecting the seasonality of the fruit, strictly hand-made processing procedures, respecting the natural timing of the raw material, in non-mechanical procedures that would alter the taste. It is from the desire to do, to learn and always innovate that the wide range of Borgo delle Mele brand products is born.

This is how products based on Native Ancient Apples, Apples, Apples and fruit as well as Onion from Cavasso and Val Cosa, SlowFood presidium, were born. A natural range, of the highest quality, untreated, meticulously cared for; because we are the first users of our own product.

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